Homeopathy is a natural and very gentle form of treatment that produces none of the side effects commonly associated with stronger medicines. It has been used since Egyptian times, but remains highly relevant to many of the problems and symptoms people face today.

Homeopathic remedies are based on the concept that like cures like. This concept is called the simillimum.

Symptoms of an illness or injury are our bodies' way of dealing with and healing or curing the problem. They indicate to us that our bodies are out of balance.

How does it work 

Homeopathy has a theoretical understanding of how living things thrive and become healthy. If the body produces symptoms to heal itself, anything which can help to produce the same symptoms will aid the patient to a speedy recovery. Often it is the use of substances that may seem counter intuitive, such as arsenic, which was one of the first homeopathic remedies, but the dose is attenuated (diluted) beyond the level you might find even in a vaccine. Like cures like.  

For the Sceptics

So why is such a simple idea considered so controversial and greeted with scepticism? Scientists would argue that the dose is so diluted that it cannot have any therapeutic benefit. The nature and philosophy of homeopathy does not lend itself to the format of traditional pharmaceutical trials, the gold standard for establishing the efficacy of modern drugs. 

Nevertheless, millions of people have found homeopathy an effective and gentle way to ease symptoms. If you would like to find out more, feel free to call us to discuss whether homeopathy might be appropriate treatment for you, or have a look at some of the links below which go into much more detail.

The Society of Homeopaths

Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st century


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Elizabeth Courtis

In 1987 Elizabeth helped set up the Marlow Homeopathic Clinic which has grown and is now Marlow Homeopathy. She has written and presented many courses including a homeopathic first aid course, an assertiveness course, and most recently a relationships course. As well as practising at The Natural Therapy Clinic Elizabeth has another practice in Marlow, lectures at several homeopathic colleges and runs workshops and tutorials for student homeopaths, .